Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Why isn't renewing your bachelorette party a thing?

I would like to renew my bachelorette party.

I keep hearing about all these people who renew their wedding vows. Good for them. Sounds fun. But you see, I see my husband a lot. I do not, however, see my girlfriends enough. Therefore, I think we should pack our bags and renew my bachelorette party vows. I'm not sure what those vows are but have no fear, I will create some.

This epiphany came to me during a perfect storm of wedding celebrating and friend missing. I was sitting at home thinking about my ladies, and how I long for them. I have the type of job that leaves me scampering to different states. Along the way I seem to gather incredible people only to then leave them as I move on. My friends have similar jobs and lives therefore we're all over the damn place. One of my very best friends visited last weekend, and it was great! But then my son got sick, I got sick, her daughter got sick and all this sickness happened in a 3-day visit. So much pressure and expectation in a short amount of time as regular life ticks on. Then my husband took off for Arizona this week to spend time with his buddies for a bachelor party. I got thinking about my party in Arizona. It was fun. It made me happy. My girls were there. I want that.

Bonuses of renewing bachelorette party vows.

1) The event would be kid-free. When renewing wedding vows most people involve their children. It makes sense since they're often the result of the marriage. Kids are not necessary for bachelorette party fun. And as previously mentioned, without the child you often wipe out the stomach bug which took hold of me like Alien last weekend. You also are able to have a conversation with your friends that don't sound like this. "So the issue with (don't throw that) my job is (sweetie, you need to sit down). The issue is (what do you need? a snack). The problem with my job is (please get down so you don't fall). He does this all the time. Oh, what's that? No, that's fine, go ahead and take your husband's call." Instead your interruptions and tangents are completely wine-induced which is way more fun.

2) Wine. Beer. Martinis. Margaritas. I do not discriminate. Imbibing with friends with little to no responsibilities sounds amazing.

3) You're supposed to be goofy. Being silly, inappropriate and making a scene is basically a pre-requisite at a bachelorette party. I'm not talking about regrettable decisions but just the ability to let your guard down. We played a childish game at my party which involved me asking strangers odd questions and doing a scavenger hunt of sorts. I wore a sparkly headband and let's just say the phallus was featured. On our first night, my glitterly shirt said bride. I typically am more high-brow than these things which is what made it wonderful. I got a free pass to just let loose. When you see obnoxious bachelorette party groups at the bar you often think they're annoying, but then you move past without too much judgement because it's kinda their duty.

So here we go, bachelorette party vows:

I, {state your name}, take you to be my girlfriends, to drink and be merry for the weekend at least. I promise to laugh with you when you probably deserve to be laughed at, to allow you to feel flirty and fun without doing anything stupid or reckless, to let you sleep in and eat pure grease for brunch without judgment (with a mimosa or bloody, of course), to listen to your fears and concerns and let you know they're normal. I promise to make memories that I will cherish for many, many years to come. I promise to love you for all the days of my life because life is better with you in it.