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Bobs and Blazers

There we were. Racks and racks of brightly colored suits splayed out before us. Skirts or pants to match each hue. Some even came with a blouse!

My mom and I used to take nearly-annual trips to New York. When I was younger and poorer in the TV news biz, this also served as a time to shop!

There we were at the Macy's flagship store. There was a major sale! I was paycheck to paycheck so this was nice! My mom was also helping me with funds so this was nice for her too. (Side note: thanks mom!)

Shortly after I returned from that trip I would be anchoring a bunch of newscasts in Minneapolis. This was a big deal. I'd been an anchor in Wausau, WI and filled in on the anchor desk in Minneapolis, but this was a longer maternity leave fill-in stint. My reporter clothes just wouldn't make the cut. I needed to look the part. I was also crazy young so I really believed looking the part was crucial. I felt so inexperienced compared to the counterparts around me...well...because I was.

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