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A time-stamped look inside my brain: grateful, anxious, guilt-ridden

I am grateful. I am so incredibly grateful. If I receive one comment about how I should be grateful, my grateful head may explode off my grateful body. But my grateful head is not incapable of feeling multiple emotions at once so while I'm grateful I'm also other things that may seem to contradict my gratefulness.

You see, while I'm beyond grateful that I am taking an amazing trip to California with my healthy family to stay at a home that is owned by a relative and therefore free of charge, I'm also anxious.

Packing for 3.5 people is not the easiest feat of all time. I say 3.5 because my husband will pack most of his belongings but that doesn't mean I won't also dwell on what he is or is not packing, therefore his packing stress still contributes toward mine.

The other night my anxious and grateful-self almost erupted. Well, if tears flowing out of my eyes constitute an eruption then there was a bit of a fissure. As I was making my fifth list about what needed…

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