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You don't always need to drive through the baby fog

I was just reading a Facebook post that went viral. A woman talked about all the demands she was expected to meet as a working mom. I read it and said, "yep, I can fully relate to not understanding how I could possibly work full time, parent in a way I wanted to, be a good wife, cultivate friendships, work out, keep up the home, etc. etc. etc." I've written about the topic in the past more than once.

But this time, when I read her post, I both related to and felt separated from it. Perhaps, I've just finally successfully regained the perspective I had thought I'd lost forever. That life should be enjoyed otherwise what's the point. Or--and I think this is more accurate--I'm no longer in the fog.

I do not know what it's like to parent a tween or a teen or even an elementary school kid. I am fully aware it brings its own challenges and struggles. So please do not read this to mean that I think I'm in the clear when it comes to parenting. But I'm…

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