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Frame project to display kids' artwork

I hate clutter. You wouldn't necessarily know this by looking at my cluttered desk or house because I hate coping with clutter even more.

You know what I love. A proud, learning, growing kiddo. And I've watched a couple of times when my little boy proudly presented his artwork from school or his list of achievements from gymnastics. Thus, 
The dilemma:
How to nourish his accomplishments and contain the clutter? It's a problem that's been gnawing at me. 
I was stabbing another pushpin into our kitchen wall when I thought, "there has to be a better way!" I looked over at the bare wall in the kitchen that has been desperately crying out for some artwork since we moved in more than a year ago. 
I got the vision of a jumbo bulletin board that also looked cool. I started googling and pinteresting. And then I went to work. 
I share this idea because I'm really pleased with it, and when I find a good deal or a good idea, I want the world to know about it. I love when o…

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