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Someone for my daughter to look up to...

Central Park Tour Guide: "And to this side, you'll notice children playing on a statue of a dog. That's Balto. In the 1920s, sled dogs helped save children from diptheria in Alaska by traveling in terrible conditions with crucial medicine."

Me: "Sweet. We have a dog statue but not a statue of a woman."

Tour Guide: "Nope, there are three women." [Rolls eyes and smirks in an understanding way.] "They're all fictional."

No offense, Balto, you sound like a kick ass K9. And I love pups, but for real?

(There are plans to add statues of *REAL* women in Central Park in New York in 2020. The move comes after years of people noticing how easily we forget nearly half of our population.)

I can't remember ever feeling like my ideas were not worth as much as a man's.

I always thought I could grow up to do whatever I wanted to do.

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