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A non-numbers gal focused on the numbers

I'm not a numbers person. That line is a bit cliche among many journalists (meteorologists and business reporters excluded). But it's true. I always did well in math, but I did not enjoy it. I preferred reading and writing. Yet today, I realized I'm fixated on a couple numbers.

Weight. First of all, this may come as a surprise to viewers who often think I'm bigger, but I don't weigh a ton. I struggled last year after I stopped breastfeeding and I went up to a size 6 in a few pants. Typically I'm a 4 or a 2. That said, the holidays and hormonal changes seemed to increase the number I saw on the scale. I was getting back into a workout routine, but I wasn't eating as well as I used to. I've recently changed that, and I've seen some good results. But I'm rarely satisfied, and I've been set on dropping lower than my pre-children weight. It's only a few pounds. My husband reminds me, it has nothing to do with the number. He's right. I kno…

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