Wednesday, August 31, 2016

HELP!!! I can't find the brakes!

It's like I'm driving full steam ahead, and I can't find the brakes...wait...that's not exactly's like I'm in a weird dream where I do not even comprehend the brakes exist.

I mean, I keep going and going, weeks seem to pass by like days and suddenly I wake up, and I'm in my third trimester!

I believe I've complained about pregnancy enough to suggest that I would like time to fly by, but now as I look at my large belly, I am reminded that SOON there will be a baby.

I know I am not the first, heck, I'm not even the billionth mother to complain about how time speeds up when you have kids, but HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN???

I spent my first pregnancy watching weekly video updates about the progress of my pregnancy. I took monthly pictures to show my belly changes along the way. I even read books that gave me week-by-week updates. Now, I have to double check my brain to figure out how many weeks pregnant I am. I set each doctor appointment four weeks apart and every time they pop up on my phone calendar for the week, I'm stunned another month has passed.

I think the difference is free time isn't really a thing when you're a parent with a young child. This isn't a pity party post. Not at all. I'm not whining about how I long for free time, I'm just factually stating it doesn't really exist anymore. Sure, I have time away from my son. I have time to do things I enjoy. But I have to put in some effort to make that time happen. I have to plan and arrange. And I only have one kiddo in my life. During my pre-kid life, I just did whatever the heck I wanted to do most of the time. 'I feel like getting a manicure, okay, I'll do that now.' 'I feel like going to lunch, okay, I'll call someone and do that now.' 'I feel like going to the bathroom by myself. I will.' None of those things happen without a few steps these days.

And when you have no free time, the minute and hour hands on the clock hit a warp speed that defy the rules of physics. It's just science, people.

So now here I am, looking at the calendar thinking there is no way it's September. There's no way summer is essentially over. There is no way I will have another little person in my life before winter kicks in. There's just no way!!

I also seem to have this false sense of security that I'm prepared for a baby because I recently had one. But I'm not really sure that's true. I don't have a plan for my toddler when I go into labor. I haven't done inventory on all of our bottles and miscellaneous baby gear. I haven't had to because, again, my head thinks we have plenty of time! Thank goodness for my mom. Her recent visit helped me get moving on Operation Baby. And even though some of the baby prep conversations are not among my husband's favorites, he's been really receptive to listening to my thoughts on things we should be doing. 

Because somehow, this is happening, and relatively soon there will be a new little, squishy, beautiful baby in my arms!! And bottom line, I CANNOT WAIT!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Love in the littlest details

I am not Little Suzy Homemaker, I'm a far cry from Martha Stewart in the making and as much as HGTV has convinced me that I, too, can have the design sense of Joanna Gaines, in actuality, I don't.

But I like projects, and I've always been partial to decorations and furniture that tell a story.

When my son was born, my husband's family reminded me that we could use the furniture that my father-in-law first made nearly 40 years ago. It included a crib, changing table, nightstand and dresser. My brother-in-law used the crib as a baby, then my husband, then my nephews. And now Jack. It was pretty incredible to think about the love and memories in these pieces of wood.

I wanted to jazz it up a little though and decided to buy new knobs and pulls for the drawers and cabinets. My father-in-law encouraged me to make it my own. I went with plain white and then painted them with various zoo animals that matched Jack's quilt (which was made by his great grandmother).

Now that baby #2 is set to arrive, I started thinking about nursery ideas. Jack is keeping some of the furniture in his room because I'm not ready to splurge on a full, new set for him, and the nursery is a dual purpose room (1/2 my closet-I blame my profession). I couldn't pick a unisex theme so I found some sheets I liked, and I'm going to do a focus on aqua geometrical shapes with a punch of yellow. The crib and changing table will go in the nursery so once again I decided to spruce up the pulls. I took off the old paint and put on a new design. 

It's not much. I'm sure neither of my kids will even remember them when they're older, but sometimes it feels good to make a house a home with a few, tiny touches. Sure, they don't look as good as something Suzy or Martha would do, but Made by Mom is nice too.