About Me

Key Players:

Me, Jennifer Griswold
I work in the ever-changing, constantly-judged world of television news. I am an anchor at a television station in Omaha, Nebraska. I'm originally from Wisconsin. I've held on-air television jobs in Wausau, Wisconsin and Minneapolis, Minnesota. I'm incredibly focused on my career, but I hold the titles wife and mom much higher.

A working mom whose heart is full and who probably has too much on her proverbial plate. I get annoyed with the constant discussion about whether women can have it all. That said, I'm doing what I can to have it all. And in a moment of unexpected boredom I decided, maybe I should have a blog. I started this blog many years ago, but since I am motivated by high-intensity deadlines, and this didn't have one, it took me years to post.

I'm all over social media, feel free to follow! Twitter: @griswoldkmtv, Instagram: @griswoldtv, Snapchat: griswoldnews, facebook.com/griswoldtvnews

Husband, Andy

The man who does it all. Andy sold his portion of a web-development business, married me and moved to a place he'd never been before within a month. He is my rock.

Son, Jack
Just trying to write a quick blurb about him makes me want to tear up. He makes me so happy. My little buddy was born on 10/24/14.

Daughter, Emme (Emilia)
Just when I thought my heart had run out of space, she came along, and it wouldn't you know, my heart grew. She was born on 11/11/16.

Dog, Reggie
Yes, he's almost white in color. No, he's not a lab. He's a golden retriever. And he is the best. Sure he's on an unintentional mission to cover every square inch of our home with fur, but look at that face!