Eye on the prize, mamas

"Jack's bowls!" Yes, buddy, those are your bowls. "Jack's cups." Uh-huh, yep. I'm slowly loading the dishwasher and watching Jack stack up the dirty dishes already loaded. My tired brain is watching him undo my work, but it takes me a moment to realize that I am putting dishes in and he is essentially taking them out.

I move into the living room and pick up some toys while he is coloring at the table. Satisfied with the fact I can again see the floor I walk out, go to the bathroom, return to the living room and stand in complete awe of the number of toys scattered on the floor, the couch, the fireplace. But I left the room for about one minute, I think to myself. He's back at the table with his Lightning McQueen toy.

This is motherhood.

I'm constantly cleaning, picking up, coaching, teaching and often times I feel like my words and actions are unnoticed or instantaneously undone.

Then I remind my tired brain, eye on the prize. I'm not trying to win the award for fastest dishwasher loader or cleanest house keeper.

I think back to the dishwasher. Jack was putting the three stackable bowls in correct order by size. He's learning. I wasn't there to witness his toy-throwing tornado event, but I have before, and typically it involves him dumping out toys because he's in search of something specific. There's something he would like, and he has taught himself how to get it. It's a messy process, but it's an accomplishment.

And I look over to my buddy, and he is smiling.


That is my prize.

I am trying to raise good, caring, thoughtful people.

No trophy. No finish line. Just life. Exhausting, beautiful life.

To all the moms out there, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY.

(pro newborn photos by camithompsonphotography.com)


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  2. As I've written to you before the best way to have your kids appreciate things is to get them involved like you have. But... that means having them help with the not so fun tasks I.e. picking up toys "cleaning" their room etc. With my grandkids at my house it was definitive that they pick up whatever they got out. No problems yet for their mom it was a never ending chore. Then she started making a game out of it and the task was suddenly easier. Try getting some clean up videos which are helpful to instill the project when finished. SESAME STREET. BIG COMFY COUCH are really excellent options. Good luck!

    1. Great advice! Thanks! We try to get him to help out and do some "chores" but in a fun way, just showing him it's part of the process. He loves taking his clothes and Emme's clothes and putting them down the laundry chute for me. We should do more with the toys though - thanks!

  3. As always, a very thoughtful and profound reflection on Motherhood. It isn't always easy in the moment to step back and reflect on the big picture, but you absolutely captured your ability to do that here. Many blessings to you and your family today and everyday!


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