I started my day wearing purple and a smile...

Sometimes...okay...most times...I dread getting ready for work. I wish I could wear sweatpants and a hat. Thursday, I remembered most of my guesswork would be gone. I would wear purple.

I received an email last week asking that I wear purple to show support for Domestic Assault Awareness. Sure thing! I'll wear purple. 

I put it on. I put on a smile. I went to work.

Then I rewatched a story I did that week about a woman who says she was assaulted by her husband. A local doctor is organizing a bra drive to support women like her who have sought refuge at an area shelter. 

My smile faded a bit thinking about that woman's story, but yet it remained. After all, people are trying to make a difference. 

I logged into Facebook and saw a new "me too" post. A former coworker described her early days working in TV and how an executive tried to kiss her. I thought about how I was fortunate, I've worked with some great guys. Then I thought about posting something on social media and wondered how many inappropriate comments strangers would make. It's part of my job to connect with our audience, and I love doing that. I do not love that a small number of men I've never met find it acceptable and appropriate to publicly step over a line. There are compliments and then there are comments about body parts that really should not be made. Never. Ever. There are compliments and then there are comments about how happy someone would make me and how he wishes he were my husband. Not okay. I'm losing my smile.  

Then I heard the name Weinstein blaring from a TV in the newsroom. I'm not even sure what's new today, but the allegations just. keep. coming. (Bravo, ladies, for coming forward). I think I actually "grrrr-ed" at my desk. Smile rapidly fading. 

We then carried a live news conference about a reported rape in town. A woman was sleeping when she says a man came into her home and sexually assaulted her. The sheriff said he was in her home for more than an hour and was armed with a gun. 

I'm pissed. 

I realize some of these are domestic violence and some are sexual assault. There are differences. All need to stop. 


I will wear purple. I will like your "me too" post, and I will work to cover stories that raise awareness because it's important that this conversation doesn't become silenced like victims often are. 

But what else? 

I will compliment the men I know who cannot imagine treating a woman in any of these ways. 

I will teach my children that some "jokes" are not okay and truthfully, they just aren't funny. They are not appropriate. Ever. If you're in that locker room, change the conversation. 

I will teach my children that no one is allowed to quiet them when it comes to respect and safety. Never lose your voice. Don't let anyone take it. 

What else? 

I don't know. But I'll keep thinking, and I welcome your thoughts. 


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