It's just a trailer yet it's already our anthem

Can I get an Amen from all the ladies who watched the Bad Moms' trailer today, and thought, I.MUST.WATCH.NOW.

In case you have yet to watch it:

I felt like a zombie, like a member of a cult, and this was my leader speaking to me. It spoke to me.

I mean, c'mon, first of all you've got Mila Kunis. Hot. Cool. Sexy. Bad Ass. Love her. Slight girl crush.

Then, Kristen Bell. I may have watched her Africa video with Dax and imagined my husband and I surrounded by the giraffes, zebras and lions. I think I want to be them in a non-creepy, I still like my life way. She also rocked an adorable, "I'm just on vacation" bandanna. Casual fashion never looks effortless for me...especially on my head or face. Huge fan. Oh yeah, and the girl can sing.

Kathryn Hahn. I must admit, I'm not as familiar, but what's not to love? How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Anchorman. She's done more recent work, but I'm a boring mom who rarely watches the new releases.

My son is only 1.5. I haven't dealt with school dropoff, bake sales, classroom parties, hypo-allergenic birthday treats, teacher gifts, class projects, holiday shows, school carnivals - but they scare me.

I exist on deadlines. You would think this makes me prompt and organized. No, it means I am always pushing the deadline. I'm a procrastinator who runs late far more often than I'm proud of.

I also work long hours. I enjoy my work. I also love my son. I miss my son while I'm at work. I dream about inventing the next pet rock or Boppy so I never have to work again. But then I worry I would lack substance without my work. In other words, I have every cliche thought about work/family balance that most women have.

I also have trouble saying no. Therefore, I'll likely get myself in binds as a parent that will have my husband asking, "why did you agree to do that," as I'm frantically trying to cook/bake/make something at the last minute. I will likely reply by spitting daggers at him - not pretty, just honest.

This trailer also shows women drinking and partying. I like drinking and partying! Sure, I don't really do it anymore, but just because I became a mom doesn't mean I turned in my "I like to have fun" card.

I will say this though. Judging from the number of women sharing and commenting about this trailer on social media I'm left to believe one thing - we all feel the struggles to be the perfect mom. And if we all feel that way then it seems logical to conclude that no one is the perfect mom. At least not in the way we tell ourselves a mom should be perfect. And let's be honest, that perfect mom would probably suck to hang out with. (Sorry this sit-com closure ending brought to you by a woman who grew up watching Full House and Saved by the Bell.)


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